Solar Rooftop Related Solutions

Vareyn Solar is a Turnkey Rooftop Solar Energy Solutions provider. All Rooftop Solar Energy related businesses are viable and beneficial to the environment. Applications of Solar Energy are immense and are still every day a new application for Solar Energy is discovered from Solar Power Airplanes and Cars to our regular Solar Homes, the applications are endless. Vareyn Solar Team has done a lot of work and developed reusable models for some standard applications of Solar Energy other than Residential, Commercial and Industrial Rooftops.

Solar Translucent Panels

Translucent Panels are used for facades and can very well work as roofs for areas where natural light is required, along with giving natural lighting to an area the panels work on 60% to 40% efficiencies compared to a regular panel.

Application Areas:

  • Office Windows and facades
  • Green House structures
  • Sheds and Recreation areas
  • Lobby and Carports
  • Green Buildings

Solar Carports

Solar Carports are an intelligent and smart way to utilise the parking space to generate Solar Energy to reduce electricity bills. The Carport structures are also a cheaper alternative to more expensive fabricated rooftop solar solutions and should be the choice if you have less or no usable space on your rooftop whereas ample parking areas are available.

Application Areas:

  • Malls and Commercial Complexes
  • Residential Buildings
  • Hospitals and Industrial Areas
  • Parking Lots

Solar ATM

ATM’s are situated across the country and every bank or financial institute has multiple ATM machines. Solar powered ATM machines or complexes are not energy efficient with air conditioners working but solar ATM’s are now providing a energy efficient solution to this. Solar ATM’s are using both technologies of being Grid Connected and also using Solar as a backup solution which in turn makes the ATM available to serve in blackouts and also installations are possible in remote areas where grid availability is a problem. Solar ATM’s with backup also provide higher security to the system from common problems of theft.

Solar Powered Telecom Towers

Telecom towers are key to our lifestyle with more than 4 lakh telecom towers installed and in use it becomes a strategic location to harness the sun power. Another important aspect of switching on the sun power for telecom towers is that a big percentage of these telecom towers are in areas where grid power availability is still an issue hence these towers are powered by diesel generators which creates noise and air pollution further more they are not cheap to maintain or operate, whereas solar power provides an affordable option for these as the raw material used to create the energy from sun is free of cost whereas cost of d

Central Solar Street Lights

Street Lights powered can be powered by Rooftop Solar Energy installation and is a better solution than mounting the panels on every street light. Central Solar Street Lights provide maintenance benefits, commercial benefits, security and a return on investment which is not there in Standalone Solar Street Light Solution.

To know more about the benefits of Central Solar Street Lights please go through the research paper created by our consultancy counter part shared in the link below.

Solar Powered Fuel Stations

Maximum power consumption at fuel stations is of the pumps and the rooftop space available at these stations is usually enough to power the number of pumps they would hold. Powering the Fuel station with solar power reduces cost of operating the fuel station and also helps in providing critical load to the pumps which are located in areas with more power cuts. As the solar energy installations pays itself it is a good investment to reduce the pump expenses and increase profits along with going green.