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Vareyn Solar is a Turnkey Solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Commissioning) Company. Vareyn Solar was incorporated with the clear idea to serve the need for quality Solar Energy Plant Installations across the country. The management of Vareyn Solar has been in the Solar arena for a long period and has worked on various projects across the country. This experience has equipped Vareyn to tackle any and every aspect of Solar Energy. Vareyn Solar has the strength of responsible material sourcing and key technical knowledge of various associated elements of the project. 

The philosophy behind Vareyn Solar is to provide solutions that are customer-centric, customizable, adhering to the relevant standards, and sustainable and long-term solutions. 


The key areas where companies’ strength lies are: Service, Customized Solutions, Knowledge, and Experience.

 Vareyn Solar has earned many accolades in the Solar EPC Industry with its unique offerings and customer-centric services. Some of these accolades are mentioned below:

  • We won the Best Upcoming EPC Award by Solar Quarter in 2019.
  • We have been nominated for the Best Rooftop EPC in Rajasthan consecutively for the past two years.
  • Vareyn Solar has been appreciated for its work toward fighting Climate Change by several Agencies and Companies.

Vareyn Solar has been an MNRE Channel Partner Company since 2016, Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited(RRECL – Rajasthan State) Channel Partner since 2017 & Gujarat Energy Development Agency Channel Partner since 2019. 

This would be a good juncture to talk about Vareyn Solar’s experience and work. We also take pride in being a one-stop solution for all client needs be it High Rise Solar Structures, Solar Sheds, Solar PV Parking Sheds, Agri-Voltaics, or Floating Solar. We have experience in all and nothing seems impossible for our in-house design and execution team. Some of our work are mentioned below:

Some Turnkey EPC Solar PV installations

1.635MWp Ground Mounted Solar PV Plant located at Surendranagar, Gujarat
470kWp Grid Connected Ground Mounted Solar PV Plant with Seasonal Tilt, Udaipur, Rajasthan

1.415MWp Ground Mounted Solar PV Plant located at Surendranagar, Gujarat

155kWp Solar PV Plant installed on a Mountain Slope located at Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan

1MWp Grid Connected Ground Mounted Solar PV Plant located at Phagi, Rajasthan 

100kWp Solar PV Plant installed on a Super Structure & Shed located at Udaipur, Rajasthan

Vareyn Solar has over the years constructed a niche for itself with 5 Star Hotel/Resort Properties, wherein the installations done by us do not catch the property visitors’ eye and we are able to have the property run 100% on Solar Power. Some examples of such installations are:

  1. Fateh Garh Palace, Udaipur – 330kW Ground & Rooftop Mounted Solar PV Plant with Net-Metering
  2. Fateh Safari Lodge, Kumbhalgarh – 115kW The installation is done on a mountain slope on the backside of the property.
  3. Dev Vilas, Ranthambore – 100kW Ground Mounted Parking Shed Solar
  4. Umaid Haveli, Jaipur – 50kW  Rooftop Mounted Solar
  5. Umaid Residency, Jaipur – 55kW Rooftop Mounted Solar

Some of our upcoming sites for Hotels are as under:

  1. Hotel Nahargarh Palace, Ranthambore – 400kW Ground Mounted Solar with provision for agriculture below Solar Panels
  2. Hotel Alsisar haveli, Jaipur – 55kW Rooftop Mounted Solar

Making Today.

Energize Society With Sustainable And Reliable Energy Systems!

Vareyn solar has been a pioneer in Rajasthan in bringing the morden style architecture into the field of Solar installation. With more than 9 years of experience, we have successfully installed a number of solar Turnkey into Rajasthan. 

Save Your Money

Save money on utilities or increase the value of your home by installing solar

Your Home is Energy

Everyday the sun provides us with abundance of free energy by placing solar

Consult & Planning

Our remote industrial solar systems are designed to reliably power our clients

Certified Engineers

Our sales engineers on our staff have experience and can design any complete

Going Solar has never been easier

Step One:

Single Point Contact

At first, it was just a single department that used to handle all under one department. With the passing of time, solar energy started to gain popularity, Vareyn Solar started to expand.

Step Two:

Product Model Finalization

As the customer’s needs are different, the products are also different for everyone. The solar panel designs are based on the roof design, so the products are not the same for everyone. As per the client’s needs, the product model and designs are finalized.

Step Three:

Customised Solution As Per Your Needs

Vareyn Solar is know for its customer based solution. As per the customer’s needs, the designs are modified and made suitable so that they can serve the purpose properly.

Step Four:

Design & Engineering

Vareyn Solar uses a professional designer and proper engineering as it is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. It always maintains and follows proper guidelines.


Step Five:

Installation With All Government Approvals

Vareyn Solar is ISO 9001:2015 certified; hence, it follows all the guidelines and safety measurements for installation. It has all the necessary certificates and government approval.


Step Six:

Zero Hassle Maintenance Contract

As Vareyn is ISO certified, it delivers an immediate, hassle-free solution. The maintenance of the panels is done by professionals who have expertise in this job.