115kW Plant installed on the slope of a mountain – Vareyn Solar

When an existing client gave us the opportunity to install a Solar PV Plant at the heritage property they have in Kumbhalgarh. Vareyn Solar engineers visited the site found a location which was out of the ordinary but catered to the requirement completely. As the property is a heritage five star hotel at a location wherein the surroundings create an atmosphere for the people staying at the property, keeping aesthetics of the property intact was quite important.

“We chose, slope of the mountain on top of which is the property located because it was the perfect location. The property’s entry is from the north so the empty unused slope of the mountain to the south was ideal for the solar installation” informed Mr.Ishan Chaturvedi, Director & Co-Founder, Vareyn Solar Pvt. Ltd.

The work does not stop at just finalising a location for the installation. The task ahead was not an easy one also as taking a measurement of the site itself was not possible.

“ We were able to take exact measurements post the clearing of the site which was 15 days after site handover from the client to us, till then we had started procurement and designing of the work along with due consultation with our client on ways to install solar, getting clarity about what exactly is the client perspective on the installation. Our design team relied mostly on the in-house softwares

and constant communication with the on site supervisors, with all the basic we had our experienced team was able to deliver 115kW instead of 100kW planned with no errors.” informed Mr.Ishan Chaturvedi, Director, Vareyn Solar Pvt. Ltd.

The end result of the stellar design, consultation and ground analysis was a beautiful installation in the heart of kumbhalgarh which keeps the aesthetics and the heritage value of the property intact and gets the electricity consumption to green, mean solar power. The Installation used 349 Solar PV Panels from Navitas Solar and 1 ABB Inverter. The installation is a Turnkey Solar EPC work done by Vareyn Solar with ADVANCED Model and AESTHETIC Type of Installation.