Solar energy is free to use. To utilize this energy to the full extent, install a solar solution on your roof or ground. Not only do they save electricity costs, but also help you fulfill your role as a responsible citizen by reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

• Saves your electricity bills
• Helps to contribute carbon-free environment.
• Continuity of power
• Hazardless operation
• Less maintenance.
• Clean and green energy


Lifetime service and post-sales support
Over 11 years of expertise, Vareyn solar provides the highest generation from solar.
Professional O&M Services


We are innovators at heart- we design, built, and operate. Vareyn solar is a sister company of 7S consultancy services, founded with the vision of creating quality rooftop solar energy plants across the country. We have a proven track record as a leading provider of rooftop solar energy.  We are proud of our company culture of providing opportunities for personal and professional growth and creating an environment in which employees feel ownership. We provide the one-stop solution for all your solar energy needs.

We aim to solve the industry’s toughest problems and optimize our process to make it thoroughly customer-oriented. Our company has been in the solar industry for many years and has worked on numerous projects across the country. This experience has equipped Vareyn to tackle any and every aspect of Solar Energy. Monitoring and managing our assets onsite and online are our main priorities. All infrastructure is kept running smoothly all year round by our technicians. Vareyn Solar provides customized, sustainable and long-term solutions which are customer-oriented, adhere to market requirements, adhere to industry standards, and are customer-centric. Our core strengths are Customized Solutions, Knowledge, and Experience. Whenever possible, we strive to pioneer innovative ways of distributing clean energy and making this world a cleaner and better place to live. Making a lasting connection with our customers is our primary goal because they are our most valuable asset.

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