Giri, the Sanskrit word for mountain, and Sadan, the Sanskrit word for residence, guarantee all guests a warm, welcoming reception that offers modern amenities as well as a family-run environment located at the heart of JAIPUR.

Our CEO of Vareyn Solar stated that “We had a great time working with them because the owner of Girisadan Homestay is so kind-hearted and friendly. They are one of the best and existing clients for Vareyn Solar Private Limited in Jaipur. They were extremely pleased with the customized and energy-efficient solution we provided. Vareyn Solar specializes in developing energy-efficient projects for commercial and industrial clients. We help them to achieve economic success and serve as their complete energy partner. “

One problem that Girisadan Homestay, Jaipur, faced was the high electricity bills. So their management decided to go solar with Vareyn Solar Private Ltd. The climate in Jaipur is one of the reasons for its high solar system efficiency. The management is well aware of the benefits of going solar and they are satisfied with our existing services.

The owner of Girisadan Homestay stated that “One of the main reasons for choosing Vareyn Solar is that it has developed Turnkey O&M practices” and proven that it generates more than the Vareyn Guaranteed Units in a year. Keeping uptime to the maximum has always been Vareyn Solar’s goal.  

First, we analyzed Girisadan Homestay‘s load patterns and studied their electricity bills to determine how much capacity the hotel will need for a solar PV plant. Based on our initial evaluation, we conducted a primary site survey and determined the amount of Solar PV capacity that can be installed on their rooftop, namely, Poly-Crystalline Panels and Mono-PERC Technology.

We then discussed with the management team and tried to understand from them what kind of installation they were looking for so that we could provide the best-customized solution for them. With our detailed 3D model, Shadow Analyses, and other factors, we showed them how the solar PV panels would be installed on their rooftop, and using high-efficiency panels and superstructures, we showed our customers the installation that would give them maximum generation.

For this project, we concentrated on ensuring that the solar systems are heat-proof and waterproof since Jaipur’s climate is hot and semi-arid. since it receives somewhat more rainfall than a desert. So we carefully analyzed the wind-related damage and other structural and electrical safety parameters and planned and executed the project exceptionally, obtaining all the needed safety certifications for Solar PV Structure and electrical work. 

We successfully installed a 27 KW solar system at Girisadan Homestay, C-Scheme, Jaipur, 2022 after conducting all the necessary research. They were able to meet all their solar power needs with our expertise, knowledge, and high-quality products, and we guarantee a risk-free installation that will last a long time. We have provided regular monitoring; free inspection if there are any faults; monthly income bill estimates; consumption, generation, and savings reports; warranty and guarantee activation on fault reports.

After completing the project, our CEO also, said,  “User experience is everything. We delivered more than we promised. We took their doubts to fuel our motivation to make it happen”.

Vareyn Solar is always dedicated to providing the best quality products and turnkey installations, and our clients always come first. We are able to bring light to Girisadan Homestay without depositing a carbon footprint in the environment and solve the higher electricity bill solution as well.