Solar energy is a great way to improve a building’s power efficiency for those who want to lessen the environmental impact while simultaneously enhancing property values.

Hotel Umaid Residency is one of the prominent regal heritage homes located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is a fantastic home when both travelers and corporate clients feel the place is convenient in a suitable location. And when anyone thinks about Jaipur, two things often spring to mind: hospitality and tourism. Every restaurant, hotel, shop, and souvenir shop is constantly innovating to differentiate itself from its competitors. Hotel Umaid has decided to step up to the emission-free approach to contribute to the zero-emission state. We are happy that Umaid Residency has chosen Vareyn Solar Private Ltd. for their green energy solution.

Our CEO of Vareyan Solar stated that “We would like to gladly mention that a client like Umaid is truly a gift to us. They are so humble and honorable that we are blessed to work with them. The owner of the Hotel Umaid Residency, Wing Commander Bhim Singh Rathore (retd.), and his wife, Arti Rathore (previously members of the Borunda royal family), are our existing clients as Vareyn Solar has worked with them on their other two Heritage Style Boutique Hotels in Jaipur. “ 

Umaid Residency was facing a problem with the high cost of electricity bills and wanted to go solar to reduce the cost. when it started. They were well aware of the climatic conditions and the technology. Therefore, their coordination made our work swifter and we delivered the project on time. 

After completing the project, we are delighted with their review of our work. We always make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services. Our main motto is to understand the core problem and the client’s needs, thereby providing the solution to serve them best. As we always do the research, analysis, and customization, we did it here too. First, we had a meeting with the Umaid Residency management team, and then we examined their electricity bills and usage patterns to determine how much capacity would be needed for a solar PV plant for the hotel. 

Following our first evaluation, we conducted a primary site survey and calculated the amount of solar power that might be installed on their roof using the two solar PV technologies that are now available: polycrystalline panels and mono-PERC technology. As a heritage building, the aesthetics of the site were significant when we presented our findings to the hotel administration. We also tried to learn from them what kind of installation they were seeking. We suggested a custom solar PV structure based on our 3D models, and how the solar panels would be installed on their rooftop. Due to Jaipur’s hot and semi-arid climate, we stressed the importance of ensuring that the solar system was heatproof and waterproof. Considering the design of the hotel, we did not want to cover the entire roof, but rather take the minimum space required for installation, with premium models employing high-efficiency panels and super frameworks. 

Hotel Umaid Residency appreciated the customized, energy-efficient solution we provided.  Vareyn Solar develops energy-efficient projects. We help them achieve economic success and serve as their complete energy partner by providing solutions that cover both the supply and demand sides of the energy equation.

Vareyn Solar Private LTD. has installed a 52 KW solar system at Hotel Umaid Residency, Kukas in Jaipur, on <Date of Energisation>. With our expertise and high-quality solar technology, we have successfully installed the Turkey EPC model. Vareyn Solar’s guaranteed and risk-free installation ensures that the investment will be long-lasting. 

A small decision to go solar is a huge step to protect the planet. With Vareyn Solar Solutions, our customers always get the best return on their investment. We provided regular monitoring, free inspection if there were any faults, monthly income bill estimates, consumption, generation, and savings reports, warranty and guarantee activation on fault reports, and so on at Hotel Umaid Residency, Kukas in Jaipur.