A boutique hotel in the heart of Jaipur goes solar, installation and commissioning by Vareyn Solar

Saneer Boutique Hotel, one the premier hotels in Jaipur located right in the heart of city keeping close vicinity to the Jaipur International Airport, World Trade Park and GT Central Mall thought of Vareyn Solar when they thought Solar.

Vareyn Solar got involved from the beginning be it consultations with the building’s architect or consultations on the electricity consumption pattern as the hotel decided to add one more floorfor their guests. The idea was simple “Get the best and save the most” said Mr.Prateek Saluja, Owner, Saneer Boutique Hotel. Vareyn Solar was involved as the Installation and Commissioning Partner for the project along which Design and Consultation services were also provided.

At the end 40 Solar PV Panels from Yingli Solar and Zever Solar Inverter were successfully installed and commissioned.

The Plant follows AESTHETIC Installation Type.