Vareyn Solar wins multiple awards for Successful Operation & Maintenance

Challenging maintenance of a 812kW Ground Mounted Plant – A case study

Vareyn Solar took upon a challenging ground mounted installations Operation & Maintenance(O&M) job. The site is a Cement producing plant wherein the power generated through solar helps in their RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation) and also reduces their daily power consumption.

“The challenge we faced with this particular site was that there were cement deposits on the Solar PV panels which were coming out of the Cement Producing Plant just few metres away.” said Mr. Sunil Singh, the O&M Incharge at Vareyn Solar. To mitigate the cement deposits problem, regular maintenance is required. Special chemicals are used to clean the plant periodically and day to day maintenance is high.

“The generation of the plant was at a mere 15% of the assessed output per day when the plant was handed over for maintenance to Vareyn Solar, whereas now after just two months of Vareyn Maintenance the plant is generating more than 85% of the assessed output” said Mr.Ishan Chaturvedi, Director Vareyn Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Vareyn Solar won three awards for Maintenance of Solar PV Plants in 2019 for exemplary On-site performance, Following Safety Standards & Overall Site upkeep by one of India’s major Solar PV OPEX Company.