A heritage property goes solar getting their carbon footprint
to zero - Turnkey Solar PV Project

In the picturesque Aravali Hills of Udaipur, a five star heritage hotel planned to make their. carbon footprint as zero. The hotel is a 5 star heritage property which thrives on the beautiful construction and planning of the property and hence wants to maintain the same heritage value by not compromising on the look and feel of the property.
The installation completed in August, 2018. The plant takes care of the electricity bills of the entire property as well, being a grid connected Solar Photovoltaic plant with Net- Metering. Vareyn Solar installed 750 Solar PV Panels harvesting 240kW of Solar Power for the property. The Solar Panels were imported from Jinko Solar and DC Power coming from the Panels is converted to AC Power using 6 ABB Inverters.

The plant consists of 180kW Solar PV installed on ground and 60kW installed on the rooftops of the villas located within the property.

“Keeping the aesthetics alive of the property along with getting the electricity consumption to zero was the basic challenge we had to face” says Vareyn Solar Manager Prakher Seeyal, “Surveying the site took us 3 days wherein 4 possible locations of installation were sought after and shared with the properties management for a final decision.”

At the end, the people coming to stay & enjoy the luxurious views of the Aravali Hills and
the Udaipur City from the property cannot see the Solar PV Plant located at the foot of the mountain where the property is located.

This is an ADVANCED Model Installation & AESTHETIC Installation Style of Vareyn Solar.