Umaid Mahal, a 4 star Heritage Style Boutique Hotel located in the heart of the pink city Jaipur.

The owners of Umaid Mahal Hotel, Wing Commander Bhim Singh Rathore (retd.) and his wife Arti Rathore(erstwhile royal family of Borunda) are an existing client for Vareyn Solar Private Limited as Vareyn Solar has also worked with them on their other two Heritage Style Boutique Hotels in Jaipur.

The management of Umaid Mahal, Jaipur was facing a common problem of high electricity bills and wanted to go solar with Vareyn for their third project. The management is very well aware of the climate benefits of going solar and are happy with our existing services which include Timely delivery of the Grid Connected Solar PV Plant with all government approvals including Net-Metering.

The management has seen our on-ground presence with our Turnkey O&M practices and have seen that Vareyn ensures Solar PV Plant Generation above the Vareyn Guaranteed Units in a year, keeping uptime to the maximum has always been Vareyn Solar’s priority.

In our first meeting with the management of Umaid Mahal, we worked on the load patterns, studied their electricity bills and understood how much capacity of a Solar PV Plant will be required for the hotel. After our initial assessment we did a primary site survey and worked out a Solar PV Capacity which can be installed at their rooftop with available Solar PV Technologies namely, Poly-Crsytalline Panels and Mono-PERC Technology.

We presented our findings along with the hotel management and tried to understand from them what kind of an installation they are looking for, being a heritage property aesthetics of the property are important. We showed them a detailed 3D Model for the Rooftop Solar PV Installation, how the Solar PV Panels will be installed on their rooftop, keeping in mind the aesthetics we did not plan to take over the entire roof but planned our installation around the existing aesthetics of the property using the maximum space possible for installation with premium model involving high efficiency panels and super structures we showcased the installation to our customer with maximum generation.

We at Vareyn Solar are forever grateful to Shri Bhim Singh Rathore Ji for having such clarity of mind and above all the sense of responsibility towards the community and future generations, not only was Shri Bhim Singh Ji in favor of a green asset but also he understood that Solar Panels on any rooftop are not an eye-sore but a progressive and necessary step towards the future.

After careful planning and risk assessment for wind related damage and other structural and electrical safety parameters, Vareyn Solar planned and executed the project exceptionally and got all necessary safety certifications for Solar PV Structure and Electrical work.

The 50kW Grid Connected Solar PV Plant was successfully installed and commissioned on <Date of Energisation>. The plant was installed in Turnkey EPC model by Vareyn Solar Private Limited in record time and since then it has been generating beyond expectations of our client. As with all other properties of Umaid Mahal Management, Vareyn Solar is successfully maintaining the Solar PV Plant as well.

As part of Vareyn Solar’s commitment to their Turnkey Installation and their clients above all, Vareyn Solar has provided Annual Generation Guarantee one of the Unique Selling Point with Vareyn Solar to the management of Umaid Mahal and till now, the plant is generating much above the expected generation.

Client Testimonial:

We have been working with Vareyn Solar for the past 5 Years and have worked with them on our three projects till date. The performance of the Vareyn team has always been exceptional and they have always delivered much more than they promised. We have seen simply fantastic results and have utilized our energy savings towards better serving our customers. We always try to do our best for the environment and the community and Vareyn Solar has been a great partner for us.”

  • Mr.Rannvijay Singh Rathore, Owner, Umaid Group of Hotels & Resorts

Facts about the Installation:

  1. Validated ROI in less than 2 Years

  2. Plant installed and maintained by Vareyn Solar

  3. Tier 1 Panels and Inverters used

  4. Average cost of Solar Power is less than Re.1 per unit