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Vareyn Solar is a sister concern of 7S Consultancy Services. Vareyn Solar was incorporated with the clear idea to serve the need of quality Rooftop Solar Energy Plant Installations across the country.

Solar for business
Vareyn Solar - Solar for business
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We have 9 MW + Turnkey Solar Project Experience

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We have 16 MW + Experience in Operation and maintenance

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We have helped our clients in getting 17MW+ Project Liaison


Installing solar panels have excellent financial returns over a relatively short period of time by reducing electricity bills when it comes to business along with business tax credit. It doesn’t matter whether your solar power system is installed on your roof, on the ground, or a BIP system, you will save money by using solar energy. Whatever the cost of installation is, you will save money in the long run. With less fossil fuel usage, your company reduces emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases as well as fights climate change.

Vareyn Solar has helped multiple industrial and commercial customers get access to the best commercial rooftop & ground-mounted solar panels and also BIP(Building Integrated Photovoltaics) solutions.